ACCESS ASSIST was set up by ACCESS Development Services in 2009 as a specialized affiliate for advancing and supporting the agenda of universal financial inclusion. While ACCESS focuses on developing sustainable models for promoting livelihoods of the poor through setting up and building capacities of community organizations, ASSIST seeks to address the challenge of access and delivery of financial services and entitlements to the poor, low income and unbanked segments of the country.

ASSIST strives to work on both demand and supply side of the financial value chain – developing community capabilities to access financial services and facilitating last mile delivery through building capabilities of last mile agents and advocacy for a better enabling ecosystem. Though ASSIST partners with a diverse set of organizations at various levels of the value chain, ACCESS is an important partner for on-ground projects in which both organizations bring on board complementary services to deliver composite models for livelihoods generation that include market as well as financial linkages.


To build an inclusive, responsive and responsible financial system that enables economic empowerment of unreached communities.


To bridge the hiatus between the supply and demand for financial services through capacitating communities, influencing practice and informing policy.


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ACCESS is a national livelihoods support organization, with focus on incubating innovations for sustainable livelihoods of the poor. With support from DFID (Govt. of UK), ACCESS was established in March 2006 as a professional new generation agency to contribute to and support poverty reduction in India.

ACCESS is uniquely structured to work at all levels of the development sector value chain, from implementing programmes on the ground, working with the Civil Society Organizations, Government Departments, Corporate Sector and Multilateral / Bilateral Agencies, and also supporting policy at the national level. ACCESS works both in rural as well as in urban areas. Currently, ACCESS has 39 on-going programmes and works in 9 states in India with over 60 full time professionals in managerial positions and over 240 field staff to support programme implementation.KNOW MORE


Ode to Earth is a specialized affiliate of ACCESS Development Services with an aim to link small producers to the mainstream markets. It provides sustainable livelihoods to small and primary producers through a network that facilitates access to mainstream markets with business intelligence and design support. Since its inception in 2011, Ode to Earth has worked with artisans and craftsmen from across the country and developed a wide range of handcrafted exquisite products to cater to craft lovers far and wide. The entity has been able to develop sustained business through institutional tie-ups which provide orders for crafts and organic products to Ode to Earth on a regular basis, throughout the year.KNOW MORE